Eclectica – Whats The Story ?

luke spiller of the struts


Eclectica as a concept is borne out of my love of music and the arts and of my need to impart a little of that love to really anybody that is prepared to spend some time looking around.

I have taken photographs of musicians for many, many years and have for some time also taken to writing reviews and generally trying to provide an outlet for bands both established and not so. The town where I live has a hugely vibrant music scene and not far away from us in Doncaster we have equally exciting scenes in Sheffield, York and Hull. I also try to bring in work from out of the area and I hope that this little online effort will spread the world for bands from all over – after all they are all out there.

As well as providing music and arts reviews, I also hope to be putting out stuff on areas outside of my first love, perhaps also touching on photography itself and very definitely on other areas you may not expect. Whatever it will be, it will be my opinion and nothing more and if I get a bit “soap – box” at times then please forgive me – oh and please provide comments when you think you have a counter argument or something else to add !

But please, lets try and keep it light !

I also would welcome ideas for articles, or please feel free to submit stuff you have done. We currently have Mr Simon Saynor writing articles and reviews and as always these are somewhat irreverent and always, always a joy to read 🙂