The Boomtown Rats – O2 Sheffield – 22nd October 2015

The Boomtown Rats – O2 Sheffield – 22nd October 2015

Listening to the radio on the day before this gig, Chris Evans said that he had asked Bob Geldof if there would ever be a Live Aid II – his response was, apparently, that he didn’t do nostalgia so no ! Well he may not intentionally do nostalgia, but it was certainly a completely nostalgic trip at the Rats gig in a wet through Sheffield on this late October night.
Support was provided by the quite wonderful Republica and although this reviewer missed the beginning of their set I was really pleased I heard their signature single “Ready to Go” blasted out with a verve that many much much younger bands would envy.
Oh and of course Saffron is still gorgeous !

So with one blast from the past really going out and proving that all was well from the ‘90’s it was left to The Rats to see if they could raise their game in representation of the 70’s – did they do it ? Of course they did !
Nostalgic it may be, but I was taken right back to the heady days of my earliest foray into music when they first bounded on to the stage. Pretty much all of the Rats were there….the only exception being Johnny Fingers who apparently wasn’t to be shifted from his home in Japan…and although they have all aged (who hasn’t) they burst into the first few numbers with an energy that belies their advancing age.


As the set went on and Mr Geldof bounced about the stage in his faux snake skin suit, it became obvious that he has lost none of his energy and drive – an energy and drive that has meant he has attained a near mythical status in everyone’s lives, probably not for his music, mostly for his notoriety, both good and sometimes bad. He still is a musician and frontman at heart and In terms of the music this set tonight was full of songs that charted the Rats history down the years and which brought many memories back to the attendant audience.

Geldof is, and will always remain I suppose, an outspoken character and although the Rats back catalogue is now some 30 odd years old, it still felt relevant today….a point that was not lost on Sir Bob and he introduced “Someones Looking At You” with a damn near perfect comparison of life then and now.


boomtown_rats_o2_sheffield_GJ-44 boomtown_rats_o2_sheffield_GJ-40


As most bands do, the Rats kept the best, well best known, until last and through the rousing reception given to “Rat Trap” it was pretty obvious that although the Rats had been serving up a bit of nostalgia, the nostalgia they provided was still as bang up to date as if they were only written yesterday. If you get chance to see them, please do…I for one will guarantee they will deliver.



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Set list
(I Never Loved) Eva Braun
Like Clockwork
Neon Heart
(She’s Gonna) Do You In
Someone’s Looking at You
Banana Republic
She’s So Modern
I Don’t Like Mondays
Close As You’ll Ever Be
Mary of the 4th Form / I Wanna Be Your Man / Boom Boom
Looking After No. 1
Rat Trap
All The Rage
Diamond Smiles
Encore 2:
The Boomtown Rats

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