Faerground Accidents – We Hate The Same Things

Faerground Accidents – We Hate The Same Things

It was great to get a review copy of this release earlier this week for two reasons, the first being that I had recently seen and photographed this band in Sheffield, leaving the gig pretty impressed and secondly I wanted to see how they would transfer their live sound to a studio environment.

lead singer of faerground accidents bo marlead singer of band

If you haven’t heard of Faerground Accidents before, they are part, and a major part at that, of the latest draft of talent to come out of the South Yorkshire music scene. Their sound is somewhat eclectic and live it really provides a heavily layered musical landscape that is in part disturbing and in (most) parts hugely enjoyable.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things…and by say this I certainly don’t see the rest of the band as non-interesting – hell their keyboard player uses an ironing board as a keyboard stand….and perhaps most intriguing about this band, is the lead singer. I think the best way to introduce a complicated (visually, I have never met him) character like Bo Mar is too difficult so I have banged a few photos in.

The song in itself seems to have a real anti-pop feel to it, with off centered vocals and a truly great guitar sound, backed by a furious drum track. I can almost see Bo swigging from a bottle of wine and coy-ishly lifting his skirt as he bemoans the vitriol that seems self evident in the songs title. The layers that I found so entertaining in the live set is in ample evidence on this recording and so did not disappoint there.So this answers one of my questions…as good on record as they are live – absolutely ! Worth buying – well of course. A fabulous track from truly entertaining band and one not to be missed at this early stage of their obviously burgeoning career.


We Hate The Same Things is out today (24th November) and is available here : http://louderthanwar.com/shop/vinyl/faerground-accidents-we-hate-the-same-things/

Launch event is here : https://www.facebook.com/events/371921272957521/

Facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/FaergroundAccidents?fref=ts

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